Lawn Care In The Winter | New Homes El Paso

El Paso is sunny and warm most of the year. But there are definitely those days in winter when it can get pretty cold! When it comes to your new home, there are several things you can do to prepare for those cold days. But don't forget about your lawn. Take proper care to avoid frozen lawns and plants this winter. 

  • Stay up-to-date on predicted freeze dates and be sure to water well before so the water can reach the root of your plants. When watering trees, be sure to water a very large area around the tree to cover the entire root zone, which can extend further out than you may think.
  • Don't water if the temperature is below 40 degrees as this can actually cause a freeze. Choose to water on warmer days.
  • Water your lawn every 3 to 10 days, for about 15 minutes each time, but be careful not to water deeper than four to six inches, as your lawn will not be able to extract it. You can easily measure the depth of water by inserting a ruler in the ground. If it is much deeper than six inches, you’ve watered too much; if you can’t press down farther than three inches, then you haven’t watered enough.

The exterior of your new home is just as important as the interior. Be sure to take good care of it throughout the year.